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I’m Teresa and I’m so happy you’re here! Whenever I meet someone new and they ask me the inevitable ‘what do you do’ question, I never know how to answer. I sense that they want a short, concise title like ‘lawyer’ or ‘event planner’, and I never feel comfortable with these types of answers because I do a few things and all of them are as important as any other. In my former life, I was a clinical nutritionist at a big hospital so I used to just say that, but now I do several things which are all drastically different from one another. Some of the cookie jars I have my hand in:

I am a tour and merch manager, which is a very fancy title for someone who slings cotton t-shirts to crowds and is essentially a glamorous way of saying ‘glorified babysitter of adult men’. I’ve spent the last few years touring around North America and Europe with friends, bands and one blond boy in particular. In the fall of 2015, that man and I will be leaving our lives behind, selling our possessions and hitting the road for a whole year, circumnavigating the globe.

I teach. I teach creative and therapeutic writing to young women, at-risk populations and people in the prison system. I’m an in-school mentor to several girls through Big Brothers & Sisters of Canada and a few times a year, I go into classrooms and educate young kids about nutrition and healthy eating.

I make things. I take photographs, make natural body-care products and try to create something every day, even if that’s just a small drawing or a page or writing. My etsy shop ( will be up very soon!

And I write about it all. I write about travel, about being an orphan, I write a weekly music column, book reviews, I write about food, about loss and sometimes I write about weird things like how to make an alien waitress uniform.

Outside of things that pay the bills, I’m into cooking, slow food, natural living, and watching old Roswell reruns. I read at least 80 books a year. I’m passionate about volunteering and well, everything really. I believe in being brave and kind in every situation, empowering young women to change the world around them and living life with love & curiosity. I hope to share a bit of all of that with you!

If you have any comments or questions about working together, feel free to email me at